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Angela Nguyen

Co-Executive Director

University of California, Irvine

Graduating Class of 2020

Career Goal: Physician

 How has MEMO helped you grow? (general person, friends, opinions, career, etc.)​

I remember joining my first year and was really scared/shy! College was just so different and I just wanted to find a place where I could build a home in college while serving my community! AND I FOUND IT! MEMO is such a wonderful club with such a beautiful mission statement. You meet the greatest, most dedicated, passionate, kind, and friendliest souls ever in this club. Through this organization, I have been able to give back to my community through all the various events that MEMO is a part of. In addition, I  got to find my passion for healthcare by volunteering  in the various hands on clinical experiences MEMO offers. One of my favorite MEMO events is definitely Project SHUE. You meet the cutest and smartest kids ever. As part of MEMO, you get to help teach them important lessons about their health, science, and just life! I learned how to be confident within myself in public speaking and leading events. To end off, if you are new or are continuing to be part of MEMO for these next few years, word of advice is to TRY EVERYTHING!! You never know who you are going to meet and you never know who you can help <3 Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and to try new things. If you have been wanting to try out for the internship, GO FOR IT, or if you want to learn how to talk to businesses for sponsorships, GO TO THE EVENT. MEMO has helped me grow in so many ways and that was only possible because I decided to go for it and stop being scared. 

IMG_6563 - Catherine Do.jpeg

Catherine Do

Co-Executive Director

University of Southern California

Graduating Class of 2021

Career Goal: Physician 

Why is MEMO important to you?

It would be an understatement to say that MEMO was the best thing that happened to me in college. Before the 13G mission trip, half of my college career had flown by and yet I still felt like something was missing. I hadn't found a community that I could call a home away from home. However, when I attended MEMO's 13th Annual Gala, I was inspired by the genuine compassion, supportiveness, and love that all the MEMObers had for MEMO's cause and for each other. Then on 13G, I not only witnessed but also had the opportunity to be a part of MEMO's unparalleled impact. In a matter of a few days, I went from exchanging awkward hellos to sweating buckets and making late night MEMOries with the people whom I was certain would become my second family. And just when I thought my college experience couldn't get any better, USC MEMO made its debut. Founding a student organization was incredibly daunting at first but I am beyond blessed that I was able to give back to MEMO what the organization had given to me. MEMO has helped me grow professionally, academically, and socially in ways I had never imagined. So even though my senior year was moved online, I couldn't have asked for a better way to end my college career: with old and new MEMObers who I will forever hold dear to my heart.

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Natalie Chau

Projects Development Director

University of California, San Diego

Graduating Class of 2020

Career Goal: Physician

What is your favorite memory on the mission trip?

One of the experiences that I have cherished the most during my time in MEMO was helping the underserved communities in Vietnam on the 12G mission trip. In particular, my favorite memory on the trip was getting to play with the children at the orphanages. Although I could only communicate in broken Vietnamese, my interactions with the kids were nothing short from amiable. From showing them “magic tricks” to playing tag, it warmed my heart to connect with the children in spite of the language barrier. This experience has fueled my drive to advocate for health and educational equity and to close the disparities that continue to exist in underserved communities at home and abroad. 


Amy Peng

Administrative Director

University of California, San Diego 

Graduating Class of 2021 

Career Goal: Physician 

Why is MEMO important to you?

MEMO has opened up so many opportunities for me and many others to help our community in ways I didn't think was possible before. Not only that, I've met so many inspiring individuals along the way, whether it be my peers or professionals. There are so many parts that fit into the big picture of what MEMO is and what we do, all of which is most visible in our health fairs and annual mission trips to Vietnam. I had the opportunity to go on 13G and I remember feeling so in awe that a small group like us were able to hold health clinics and genuinely be able to provide some aid in a small corner of the world. Though the days were long, grueling, and humid, it was hard to shake the sense of fulfillment that came at the end of the day knowing that someone's life was perhaps slightly more at ease because of us and actions. MEMO holds a special place in my heart because of the relationships you form with fellow MEMObers as you are working together. I can confidently say that my college life would've been radically different had it not been for the friends that I luckily met here throughout the years. I strongly believe that we all helped support and build each other up with everything we do whether it's within MEMO or just life in general, and that support became part of the summation of who we are today.

IMG_6357 - Samantha Thu Dinh.jpg

Samantha Thu Dinh

Sponsorship Coordinator

University of California, Irvine

Graduating Class of 2021

Career Goal: Physician 

Why is MEMO important to you?

I joined MEMO unintentionally when a friend dragged me to the general meeting for the first time on a somber Thursday evening. I was overwhelmed by the crowd of fellow students and gravitated to a corner, anxiously waiting for the meeting to begin. The president at the time (unknowingly to me) approached me and introduced herself. Suddenly, the awkwardness melted away, and I slowly began to come out of my shell. The first service event I went to with MEMO was Project SHUE, an educational outreach program for at-risk elementary students. I witnessed the excitement of the kids and the enthusiasm of the MEMObers as we facilitated arts and crafts activities, tutored them, and fostered meaningful connections together. I felt so inspired to be a part of such an amazing team that makes a difference in the lives of the underserved. The summer of 2019, I embarked on 13G, the 13th medical mission trip with MEMO. Despite the sweltering heat and humidity, I had never felt so driven to pour my 1000% into the duties I was given during the clinic days. Seeing the smiles, expressions of relief, and gratitude from the underprivileged people of Vietnam set my heart ablaze to continue touching these lives and to give them a stepping stone to a better life. I love MEMO, and it’s important to me because it shared an open, caring environment of amazing individuals and also initiated a spark in me as I continue my path as an aspiring physician.


Dominic Cao

External Relations Coordinator

University of California, Irvine

Graduating Class of 2020

Career Goal: Physician 

Why is MEMO important to you?

MEMO showed me that each of us has the power to make some change or impact, whether it be within our local community or within our MEMO chapter. Having been in various non-profit organizations growing up, I thought that as members, the most we will do is raise money to help out the impoverished, rural areas of Vietnam. OHHH boy I was wrong. Whether you are a board member or a general member, everyone plays a big role in achieving MEMO’s mission statement of serving the underserved locally in OC and abroad in Vietnam. Throughout the year, all of us are a part of the process from fundraising by selling spam musubi on the cold streets of Ring Road to wrapping them boxes at Barnes and Nobles to asking businesses for donations. The list goes on and on. At the end of the year, we get to finally see all of our hard work come together at our Annual Open Our Hearts Gala. I remember standing at the entrance and just staring at the whole venue in awe. Each part of the gala was done by a group of eccentric students: the decor, the night performances (dancing and singing; p.s. you should sign up to be a part of the dance team I:D), chauffeurs guiding guests to their tables, and lots of more. The cherry on top of everything was hearing how we made about $150,000 that night through donations towards our programs: Scholarship, Heart, and Hope. Within our chapter, everyone is so open and kind to each other that it creates an atmosphere of familiarity. Even if it's your first time going to a MEMO meeting, it is guaranteed that you will meet and talk to 5+ people there. Everyone talks as if they have been friends for years when in actuality it may be like the first time they ever saw the other person. MEMO makes you feel safe and lets you be who you are. Some of these people may become your support system and long lasting friends :D.

DSC08046_1 - Mary Vu.jpg

Mary Vu

Financial Director

University of California, San Diego 

Graduating Class of 2020

Career Goal: Dentist

What initially drew you to MEMO and what made you stay?

Having spent my entire freshman year at UCSD just lounging around with my 5 apartment mates (my only college friends LOL), I wanted to venture out and experience more of what college had to offer. I saw a MEMO flyer during lecture and MEMO's mission statement really resonated with me! I wanted to give back to the underserved community, but what I didn't expect was to find my second home, my own community of the friendliest, most hard- working, and passionate people! Their genuine support allowed me to do things young & shy me would never have imagined, like take on a leadership role and host a health fair. Everyone is so committed to helping not just the community, but also their peers! College went by in a blur, but I will always remember the memories, from goofy Big/ Little challenges that feature tide pods in ramen to learning Tik Tok dances and how to 'floss' to study nights that studying was never done at.

Chapter Boards

UCI Board

President: Elaine Tran

Co-Workshop & Outreach Chairs - Sophia Ma & Jessie Huang

Co-Sponsorship Chairs: Sheyda Aquino & Cayla Nguyen

Co-Fundraising Chairs: Timmy Dau & Connie Tran

Co-Public Relations & Social Chairs: Meagan Luong & Vivian Tang

Internal Coordinator: Quan Dang

UCSD Board

Co-Presidents: Tiffany Ly & Jenny Chiem

Co-Outreach Chairs: Katherine Tang & Ryan Lee

Co-Fundraising Chairs: Brian Khov & Tuyen Nguyen

Co-Social Chairs: Rose Ha & Sarah Kang

Sponsorship Chair: Helen Huynh

Service Chair: Thu Nguyen

Publicity Chair: Vivian Dinh

Secretary: Jules Hoang

USC Board

President: Trang Trinh

Vice President: Yunsun Eoh

Administrative Chair: Katrina Huynh

Finance Chair: Justin Leung

Sponsorship Chair: Joseph Song

Outreach Chair: Jessica Woon

Co-Publicity & Social Chairs: Connor Mukai & Kelsey Lam