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Hope Program

Since the fall of Saigon in April 1975, orphans and orphanages have been prevalent throughout Vietnam. Although the percentage of orphans have decreased recently, children are still seen and placed in orphanages due to the difficulties that a family encounter. Thus MEMO started this project in hope of giving these children an opportunity to have a future.

Every year MEMO visit two orphanages, Thien Binh Orphanage and Ky Giang Orphanage where we provide funds to help orphanages provide the necessary healthcare for these children in addition to sheltering and caring for them. The funds that we also raised will also be used to buy school supplies, clothing, and provide an education to these children.

Scholarship Program

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There are 21.6 million people in Vietnam living in rural poverty. The only way they can rise from their current living conditions is by attaining a good education. However, many children are unable to because of lack of money. Their families cannot afford to keep their children in school and ultimately these children end up helping and supporting their parents with their businesses. Please consider sponsoring a child and helping them escape poverty. A donation of only $70 will allow a child to stay in school for an entire year.

Medical Mission

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Once every summer, a group of doctors, health professionals, and student volunteers from M.E.M.O. travel to the rural regions of South Vietnam to hold free health clinics in villages. We conduct preliminary needs assessments, administer vitamins for the severely malnourished population, treat patients to the highest ethical standard, provide medications for their health conditions, and sponsor referrals to those with needs beyond our capabilities. It is during this mission trip that we see our programs (Dental, Heart, Hope, Scholarship) reach fruition, thanks to the dedicated MEMObers throughout the year, those who attend the mission, and doctors who dedicate their expertise as well.

MEMO has collaborated with Red Cross VN and now with the medical students of the University Hospital of Y Duoc to hold free clinics in the rural villages of Vietnam for 3-4 days during the mission. Trained M.E.M.O. volunteers may have the privilege to help in the following stations:

– In-take
– Crowd Control
– Triage
– Pharmacy
– Consultation
– Dental
– Ultrasound

Applications are sent out by M.E.M.O. Non-profit. Approximately 30-35 students from all three chapters (UCI, UCLA, UCSD) are selected to attend the mission. Interviews are usually held in mid-January, and decisions will be made soon after. The “accepted” list is subject to change at any time; we look for members who consistently participate throughout the year.