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There are 21.6 million people in Vietnam living in rural poverty. The only way they can rise from their current living conditions is by attaining a good education, however, many children are unable to because of lack of money. A donation of $85 is enough to keep one child in school for an entire year.

Many children in Vietnam are unable to attain or further their education due to financial restraints. Many families cannot afford to pay for their children’s tuition. In order to keep one child in school for an entire year, only $85 is needed. $70 is for the scholarship and $15 for school supplies which include a backpack, pencils, notebooks, erasers, and pens. Over the past 13 years, M.E.M.O. has been able to raise money to provide over 1000 scholarships. We hope that by giving children the gift of education, it will not only pave a brighter future for them but also for their community.

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