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Co-Executive Director

University of California, Irvine

Graduating Class of 2021

Career Goal: Physician 

Why is MEMO important to you?

I joined MEMO unintentionally when a friend dragged me to the general meeting for the first time on a somber Thursday evening. I was overwhelmed by the crowd of fellow students and gravitated to a corner, anxiously waiting for the meeting to begin. The president at the time (unknowingly to me) approached me and introduced herself. Suddenly, the awkwardness melted away, and I slowly began to come out of my shell. The first service event I went to with MEMO was Project SHUE, an educational outreach program for at-risk elementary students. I witnessed the excitement of the kids and the enthusiasm of the MEMObers as we facilitated arts and crafts activities, tutored them, and fostered meaningful connections together. I felt so inspired to be a part of such an amazing team that makes a difference in the lives of the underserved. The summer of 2019, I embarked on 13G, the 13th medical mission trip with MEMO. Despite the sweltering heat and humidity, I had never felt so driven to pour my 1000% into the duties I was given during the clinic days. Seeing the smiles, expressions of relief, and gratitude from the underprivileged people of Vietnam set my heart ablaze to continue touching these lives and to give them a stepping stone to a better life. I love MEMO, and it’s important to me because it shared an open, caring environment of amazing individuals and also initiated a spark in me as I continue my path as an aspiring physician.



Co-Executive Director

University of California, San Diego

Graduating Class of 2022

Career Goal: Physician Assistant

Why is MEMO important to you?

MEMO has played such a pivotal role in my growth and development throughout my undergraduate years at UC San Diego. When I showed up to the first GBM on my own during my first year, I was greeted by such a warm and welcoming community. Little did I know that the people who I met that first night, and from there on out, would end up being my closest friends, mentors, and biggest supporters. Throughout my time in MEMO I have not only been able to grow both professionally and personally, but have also had the privilege to be a part of a team that works collectively to help those who need it most. From working with my fellow MEMObers to plan and host free local health fairs, to spending months on end planning and raising funds for our annual Open Our Hearts Gala, each of my experiences in MEMO have shown that by working together as one resilient team, anything is possible! MEMO is an organization that I will forever hold near and dear to my heart, and I look forward to continuing our mission programs alongside the most driven and compassionate group of people I’ve ever met. 



Administrative Director

University of Southern California

Graduating Class of 2021

Career Goal: Physician

Why is MEMO important to you?

It would be an understatement to say that MEMO was the source of my best college experiences. Before the 13G mission trip, half of my college career had flown by and yet I still felt like something was missing. However, when I attended MEMO's 13th Annual Gala, I was inspired by the genuine compassion, camaraderie, and love that all the MEMObers had for MEMO's cause and for each other. Then on 13G, I not only witnessed but also had the opportunity to be a part of MEMO's unparalleled impact. In a matter of a few days, I went from exchanging awkward hellos to sweating buckets during clinic and making late night MEMOries with the people whom I was certain would become my second family. And just when I thought my college experience could not get any better, USC MEMO made its debut. Founding a student organization was incredibly daunting at first but I am beyond blessed as MEMO has helped me grow professionally, academically, and personally in ways I could have never imagined. So even though my senior year was moved online, I could not have asked for a better way to conclude my college career: with old and new MEMObers whom I will forever hold dear to my heart. MEMO will always be a part of my life and I cannot wait to see where we're headed.



Projects Development Director

University of California, San Diego

Graduating Class of 2022

Career Goal: Pediatrician 

Why is MEMO important to you?

As cliche as it sounds, MEMO has truly been like my second family and my home away from home. I still vividly remember attending my first general body meeting back in my second year of college and feeling touched and blown away by the mission trip video that played. Ever since I was young, I've dreamed of being able to create positive change and give back to the community. Joining MEMO empowered me to actively pursue that dream and make it a reality. Despite how daunting it was to do things like organizing a health fair or attending a new service event for the first time, these experiences helped me see how much I can do for others and fueled my passion for increasing access to health and health education. Not only has MEMO given me countless opportunities to actively give back to the community in ways that I didn't realize I could be capable of, but it has also given me an amazing and supportive community. This organization is filled to the brim with the kindest, most uplifting, passionate, and inspiring people I've had the pleasure of meeting! When I first joined, I was afraid of putting myself out there a lot because I tend to be pretty shy, but there were always people who would happily approach me during events just to chat. MEMO gave me a safe space where I felt a sense of belonging and that I could be myself. It's really encouraging to your losses. I honestly cannot picture my life without MEMO, and I wouldn't have it any other way!



Sponsorship Coordinator

University of California, San Diego

Graduating Class of 2022

Career Goal: Physician 

Why is MEMO important to you?

MEMO was the first organization I joined as an undergraduate. At first, I did not know how I would be received as I was not Vietnamese. However, at the first general body meeting I attended, everyone received me warmly despite my differing background. Immediately, I knew I wanted to come back for more meetings. As I participated in more events, I had the honor of meeting more wonderful individuals who helped me grow both personally and professionally. These people ended up becoming some of my best friends during college.

Aside from the people who made my experience special, the events I have participated in also have had an important impact on my future career. Working at Street Corner Care has given me just a small glimpse of the lives of the underserved. In fact, being able to check their vitals and seeing their relief as they see a healthcare provider has further encouraged me to become a physician! MEMO has provided me with many wonderful opportunities, helping me grow both personally and professionally. I am glad that it has been a central part of my college career. MEMO4LIFE!



External Relations Coordinator

University of California, San Diego

Graduating Class of 2022

Career Goal: Pharmacist

Why is MEMO important to you?

In short, M.E.M.O. has given me an outlet to serve local communities and the underserved in Vietnam as well as given me a supportive and kind community. I immigrated from Vietnam to the U.S at the age of 6. During my childhood, I have noticed the healthcare disparity between the two countries, and this has sparked my passion to the mission of making healthcare accessible everyone, especially in my home country, Vietnam. Fast forward to college, M.E.M.O. provided me numerous opportunities to aid my local communities through various service events. This has prompted me to pursue various positions in M.E.M.O. in order to give back to my communities and people who are underserved. In addition, M.E.M.O. has become a second home at UCSD as I got to work alongside and build connections with compassion individuals. I built countless fond MEMOries including prepping meals for our local houseless population, and constant laughters at our recurring Study Jams. M.E.M.O.creates a unique atmosphere and safe space where everyone is comfortable, kind, supportive of each other. This organization will always hold a special place in my heart.



Financial Director

University of California, Irvine 

Graduating Class of 2021

Career Goal: Psychiatrist

Why is MEMO important to you?

MEMO gave me the most meaningful experiences during my undergraduate years. I met my best friends through MEMO and we were able to work together on our career goals together with various events from MEMO. Helping underserved patients during One Community Health Fair allowed me to widen my scope for inclusive health care. Teaching STEM lessons to elementary school students left me with the most rewarding experience especially when I saw them giggling and enjoying the activities. Furthermore, meeting friends during socials always reduced my stress from my academic work, and studying for midterms/finals with my fellow MEMObers helped me to survive very difficult courses. As a person who aspires to be a physician, I developed crucial characteristics by experiencing hands-on patient interactions and building leadership skills through joining an internship and the UCI board. As a Board of Director, I aim to provide similar experiences for every member in all chapters.



Co-Presidents: Elaine Tran & Meagan Luong

Co-Workshop & Outreach Chairs - Cayla Nguyen & Sophie Ma

Co-Sponsorship Chairs: Connie Tran & Sheyda Aquino

Co-Fundraising Chairs: Jessie Huang & Selena Nguyen

Co-Public Relations & Social Chairs: Chloe Wong & Vivian Tang


President: Tuyen Nguyen

Vice President: Jules Hoang

Co-Outreach Chairs: Cydni Yoshida & Samantha Quach

Co-Fundraising Chairs: Jeffrey Nguyen & Marianne Aqunio

Co-Social Chairs: Justin Hashemi & Nicole (Pico) Weatherman

Sponsorship Chair: Sherica Veloria

Service Chair: Alyssa Dai

Publicity Chair: Kristy Le

Secretary: Vanessa Thai


President: Yunsun Eoh

Vice President: Kelsey Lam

Administrative Chair: Katrina Huynh

Finance Chair: Connor Mukai

Co-Sponsorship Chairs: Michidmaa (Michi) Batzorigt & Theresa Luo

Outreach Chair: Justin Leung

Co-Publicity & Social Chairs:

Hallie Yong & Rachel Cheon










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