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In 2012, M.E.M.O. submitted a grant proposal to receive funding for a new program, the Hepatitis B Program that would spread awareness and prevention of the disease to rural areas in Vietnam.

As Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA)‘s 2012-2013 Collective Philanthropy Project Beneficiary, M.E.M.O. received funding from UNAVSA Collective Philanthropy Project in the form of donations made by Vietnamese Student Association chapters across all of North America. After a year of campaigning by the UNAVSA CPP team, M.E.M.O. received a check of $52,763.62 and counting to support the new Hepatitis B Program.

Our goal is to determine the prevalence of Hepatitis B in rural areas, vaccinate neonates, prevent mother-to-child transmission, and screen high risk individuals in Vietnam. In addition, we will study current knowledge and attitudes towards hepatitis B in order to guide development of an educational campaign.

Locally,  we are implementing educational programs here in the United States to increase Hepatitis B awareness within the Vietnamese population. Through screening in health fairs and educational forums, we hope to address the prevalence of hepatitis B within the immigrant population.

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