How do I join? Do I have to be pre-med/Vietnamese/a U.C.I. student to join M.E.M.O.?

Not at all! Anyone can become a member and help our cause. You can join our cause by joining any of our chapters at U.C.I.U.C.S.D., and U.S.C You do not have to be a student at any of these chapters to participate.

How do I go on the mission?

Due to the high number of applicants, we interview and select 20-30 members (from all M.E.M.O. chapters) who have shown active participation and quality work throughout the year. Mission applications are available in January and applicants are selected in February. Active participation includes fundraising, meetings, and events.

When are the mission trips?

The missions are usually in the summer (July-August) and are ~14-days long.

How much does it cost to go on mission?

Because 100% of M.E.M.O.’s funds go towards our programs, mission goers pay for their trips. Cost varies every year depending on the dates and airfare.
Deposit: $200 (goes towards our programs)
Airfare: ~$900-$1200
Food/Transportation/Hotel: ~$600

Can I start a MEMO chapter at my school?

Unfortunately, M.E.M.O. is not expecting to expand at this time.